Posted by: coastcontact | December 18, 2012

Security Protection That makes You Feel Good

This qualifies as beyond stupid.  However, we do want everyone to believe the lives of our loved ones are being protected.

In the name of security the United States federal government and many local agencies are taking extraordinary measures to protect the public from terrorists and the mentally disturbed.

The latest coming to my attention is the city of Los Angeles Police Department  (LAPD) efforts to reassure the parents of school children in elementary and middle schools.  Starting this week the children are on vacation for the Christmas and New Year Holiday period.  It is a three week vacation.  While the children are at home the LAPD is developing a plan to have police officers visit every school every week day.  There will not be a police officer on duty all day but one will be there for at least a few minutes.

So let’s think this through.  Assuming I want to harm the children at the local middle school, starting on January 7, I will be watching the school for the arrival of a police car.  After the car departs I will make my entry.

I wonder how many terrorists have been stopped at airports in the boarding area.  The answer is none.  In previous years, the TSA has congratulated itself for confiscating home-made electronics, alerting the police to people with outstanding misdemeanour warrants and arresting people for wearing fake military uniforms. We spend $8 billion annually for the TSA to keep us safe.  This is not protection. This is make you feel safe and make you believe the government is protecting you and your family.



  1. You are so correct, and i was glad that you brought up the failure of security at airports to do anything that amounts to threats to our country’s security and instead more about keeping the ‘masses’ frightened and under constant observation. What we need are ‘gun laws’ and mental health for all that need the help and to change the mindset of our country from one of ‘only concerned about your rights to guns’ to a mindset that realizes that there is the need to regulate all guns(in the 1800’s it was normal for a sheriff to request guns be turned in, until they left the town)) have a license that requires gun safety training and most important realize that we really have no need of guns. If people are worried about the ‘government’ attacking or turning against us, then what good would guns do? They have drones and tanks and all sort of other weapons that would render ‘personal held guns’ worthless. Also, we need to change the mindset about mental health into one that sees no difference in the ‘attitude’ between cancer, heart disease and mental health issues. We are not safer because we have ‘a presence of police’ as we are safer if those around us are not armed, mentally ill or just hate filled don’t have weapons of mass destruction. Just my thoughts
    ps i hate airport security – i was unable to stand on both feet and lift my arms ( i had a broken right foot) so was ‘patted down’ as of course i was hiding all sorts of weapons. It was somewhat humiliating, which seemed to give the ‘security agent’ pleasure.)

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