Posted by: davidbancroft | December 8, 2012

Why There is No Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians

Israel’s fight for its people and its right to exist has not changed since the United Nations created the state in 1948. The Arab nations refused to recognize Israel then. Today Arabs still refuse recognition of Israel.

Here is the way Palestinians pour fuel on the fire.

From the Daily Beast:
Hamas Head Defiant in Speech
That’s the way to foster peace! The political head of Hamas, Khaled Meshal, addressed a crowd of thousands at the 25th anniversary of the Islamic group, saying that Israel would be wiped out through “resistance” or military might. In case that wasn’t clear, he added that an Islamic Palestinian state in Israel would not be conceived through negotiations. The speech, given in Gaza City, marks the first time Meshal has been back in Gaza in 45 years since his exile. Aside from the usual “we’ll never recognize Israel as a legitimate state” speech, he said that the ceasefire was a great military achievement for Hamas.

Read more at this New York Times report.

David Bancroft


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