Posted by: coastcontact | December 1, 2012


Why are Democratic pundits gloating over the election results?  Barack Obama did not win by an overwhelming majority.

The final results from the presidential election are impressive when looking at the Electoral College (332 to 206) but not so impressive when looking at the popular vote (65,258,278 or 50.9% to 60,658,920 or 47.3%).  Thus .9% gave the president a win.  Hardly a landslide.

Despite that narrow victory Democratic pundits are gleefully hashing out the mistakes made by Mitt Romney and his campaign election team as if they were utterly incompetent.

Wikipedia lists these landslide victories among the popular vote.  These were wins worth gloating over.

So while I disagreed with Mitt Romney’s opinions on women’s rights (from pay to abortion and contraception), his lack of concern for 47% of the population, his solution to illegal immigration (self deport), and his confrontational views in foreign policy; almost half of all Americans gave him their vote.

Mr. President stop gloating.  You do not have a mandate.



  1. You are correct in that it was not an overwhelming win. What that tells me is that we have a large portion of our population that has been brainwashed by the constant propaganda that spews forth from Fox news and the rightwing radio shows. That said, what was most important was to get some new ‘progressive minded’ congress members. The problem in my thoughts lie with a party like the GOP have no concerns for the people or the country except to protect the ‘plutocrats’ and at the same time still are stuck on stupid when it comes to the president. No matter how small the difference on the popular vote, it was a vote for the president and more important a vote on changing the way the rich and large corporations are being treated and a vote for a changing the mindset of our country. Thank you for your post and hope that all is well with you

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