Posted by: coastcontact | November 7, 2012

G.O.P. Should Look in the Mirror

I am disappointed with the Republican Party.  The Party has allowed fringe groups to take control and that is the reason they are at a loss to explain their situation.

They decry the beliefs of Islamic extremists and then offer extremists as candidates to congress and the presidency.  CNN reported that women voted 55% for Obama to 45% for Romney.

Why? You might ask. Romney refused to confirm the Lilly Ledbetter (equal pay) Act and instead launched into “binders of women” he used to add women to his governor’s staff in Massachusetts.  His running mate’s desire to stop all abortions and declare conceived unborn children as human beings only added to the distrust by women. Then there was Richard “Mourdock [in Indiana] saying that God meant for rape victims to bear the resulting children “and [Todd] Akin [in Missouri] saying that women only needed to hold Aspirin between their legs to prevent pregnancy.

So is it any wonder that a majority of women voted for President Obama?  My question is; why would any woman vote for Romney?

This nation has changing demographics that make 1950s views of the world ancient.  If the Republican Party wants to remain relevant they will have to accept the changing world.  If they want to remain loyal to all of their beliefs they will have to accept a minority position in our government.  As to the Tea Party (the largest group within the GOP), that group helped REDUCE the number of Republicans in the Senate. There are so many issues to address that this little blog cannot discuss them all in one posting. My list includes:

-Social Security
-Global Warming

Many GOP ideas are worthwhile.  Unfortunately they face vocal fringe groups and people that are not acceptable to the majority of Americans.


  1. Great post.

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