Posted by: coastcontact | November 2, 2012

If All Else Fails Use Fear

Sorry Mitt, the electoral map shows it’s all over but the shouting.  I hope!

I find this truly depressing.  Mitt Romney has resorted to fear to obtain a win.  It’s not a new idea.

The NRA has successfully used fear to promote a high level of gun sales during the past four years.  That organization has warned its members that Obama has plans to stop all gun sales and confiscate your guns.  The reality is there has not been any gun legislation suggested by the administration.  No new controls were suggested after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting nor any other shooting.

The Huffington Post reported “Mitt Romney’s campaign, in a last-minute robocall, warns voters that “President Barack Obama is hostile to the Christian faith.”

If that isn’t enough AP reports tonight “Mitt Romney warned Friday that re-electing his Democratic opponent would threaten another government shutdown and national default.”  This was part of his presentation in front of more than 18,000 people in suburban Cincinnati.

So my question is if elected president will he use fear to obtain congressional support for the things he wants?  You know, things like war with Iran, an extra $2 trillion dollars for the defense budget, the tax cuts he wants, and the reason we should not give any attention to global warming.

I guess I won’t have to hold my nose.  Romney has made it easier for me to cast my ballot for Barack Obama.


  1. As always a good article. I have seen many presidential elections, since my first time to vote (back when you had to be 21 to vote) and not once do i remember a race like this. Its not just the billions of dollars being spent, its the racisim, the ‘fear’ factor and now we have catholic bishops telling thier church members, that to vote for the president would be against their faith, We have pastors, hanging effigys of the president in one state and the list goes on. Yet the most depressing part, has been the outright lies told by m romney and even when he is publicly called on his lies(like jeep moving to china and having the owners of the corporation telling him its a lie) he continues the lies. I ran into someone online today that gave me this ‘link’ to prove that in several states, the vote ‘magicly’ turning from romney to obama. When i told her that yes, i looked at her link, but there was no outside verifiable links that proved the point, i was told that the media just is only for obama and only ‘fox news’ was smart enough to stand up for the truth. What happened to our country? I pray that Romney is not allowed to buy the presidential seat. I keep thinking that not all americans are so brainwashed that they will vote against their best interests. Thank you and peace

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