Posted by: coastcontact | October 31, 2012

Republican Party Opposes All Abortions

As time passes more and more Republican politicians oppose all abortions no matter how the woman became pregnant.  Rape, incest or a woman’s health are no longer reasons to permit an abortion.  It is an idea pulled from another century along time ago.

I am mystified by the idea that any woman would vote to elect Mitt Romney for president.  The GOP Party platform includes these words: “We call on the government to permanently ban all federal funding and subsidies for abortion and healthcare plans that include abortion coverage.”

Three candidates for U.S. Senator or U.S. Congressman have spoken against the idea of abortion even in the case of rape.  Todd Akin in Missouri, Richard Mourdock  in Indiana, and now John Koster in Washington.  Romney running mate, Paul Ryan, holds the same view.

Free access to birth control could prevent up to two thirds of U.S. abortions.  This was the results of a research study conducted at the Washington University School of Medicine.  However this is useless information to people who do not want to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Mitt Romney is now trying to convince women that he does not subscribe to the idea that life begins at conception.  Then why is this thought part of the GOP platform?  Why did he select Paul Ryan as his running mate?

A Mitt Romney presidency will take this nation back to the middle ages.  The Taliban couldn’t be happier.



  1. I echo your comment, and also wonder how any woman could ever vote for a republican. What kind of hold do these ‘american taliban’ have over women, that would make them vote for what is against not only thier own interests, but the interests and well-being of all women. Thank you for such a thoughtful posting. For myself, i already voted, we vote by mail here.

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