Posted by: coastcontact | October 30, 2012

Global Warming is Happening

The elevation of Manhattan ranges from 1 to 80 meters (3.3 to 265.5 feet). The highest Natural Point of Elevation on the island of Manhattan – 265.5 feet according to USGS.

An urban planner recently told the Vancouver Sun that the city will need to take steps to protect many of its landmarks. Andrew Yan “estimates the city will have to spend upwards of $510 million to build and upgrade the dikes and seawalls – plus billions more to buy the land to put them on – over the next century.

Look at these pictures of Miami and New York.  With such low elevations it should be obvious that any serious storm will mean devastation.

We can all argue about man causing global warming but we cannot argue that it is not happening.  CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Company, posted “Arctic thaw heats up Northwest Passage dreams” on its web site.  Polar Cruises is now offering tours into the Northwest passage.

Based on  projections that sea levels will rise about 1 meter by the end of the century,  the analysis suggests the southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts could be particularly hard hit…

Miami, New Orleans, Tampa, Fla., and Virginia Beach, Va. could lose more than 10 percent of their land area by 2100.

The impact of this global warming has been predicted to be unusual weather conditions throughout the world.  Is Sandy and Irene just the beginning?  I am not a scientist but the frequency of these kinds of storms would support that contention.



  1. Wow- what will it take for our government to see these indicators of what is to come and act?

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