Posted by: coastcontact | October 14, 2012

Does Islam Wish to be the Enemy of the West?

The answer appears to be YES! In communities throughout Europe Sharia law has replaced government law. In my own community Muslims refuse to obey local parking ordinances on Fridays when parking their cars before entering their mosque.

WordPress provides a daily report to me that indicates the nations of the readers of Coastcontact. Just this past Friday, October 12 there were at least seven visitors from Saudi Arabia. Many other Middle Easterners from many Islamic nations have also visited this site. I was interviewed by The Pakistani Spectator a few years ago too. However, there have been almost no comments or challenges by Muslims to my obvious Western views.

Without a dialog there cannot be a peace.

My primary target has been Islamic treatment of women. In my view they are treated like property. Many are denied education, kept wrapped in tents (called burqa), and are treated as little more than slaves or concubines.

However, many Muslims are migrating to Western Europe and America to obtain a better life without wanting to pay the price of throwing off their “old world” customs.

Pictures like this tells of a wish to convert the entire world to your way of life. These pictures are of Muslims marching through the STREETS OF LONDON during their recent ‘Religion of Peace Demonstration.’


Tell us all here in this blog what you want.



  1. Peace and harmony are only possible when we are all aware that underneath our cultural, race and religion, we are all human beings. That said, what i find really sad is that the teachings of ‘islam’ are about peace and love and harmony(much the same of all the great religions and books) and actually has a part about ‘not taking the lives of innocents’. One has to wonder if possibly the fact that global wide we have those in their 20’s that are unemployed, might have something also to do with the ‘islamic’ pride marches. Poverty and too much time on the hands of ‘young males’ is always in my thoughts anyway, the perfect recipe for anarchy or in the cases of the ‘islamic’ extremes for threats against what they consider their enemy(that would probably be us). In my city we have had such an influx of refugees, that now we have many cultures and ethinicty. At first i was afraid of what that might do to our state and our city, but i think that it has made all of us better for the chance to learn about other cultures and as such prevent ‘racial hatred’ Not sure though how to accomplish that on a global scene, except to keep sharing and learning and maybe if jobs were found for those in the arab countries, life better for them and thus they may not feel such ‘hatred’. In the end the ‘islamic extremists’ are no different than our ‘christian extremists’ that try to force their beliefs on others. Peace and hope your sunday is going good for you.

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