Posted by: coastcontact | October 13, 2012

Local Congressional Race is Nasty

California’s new congressional district #30

Candidates are fighting for their political lives.  Both of them ought to move on to another life!

When I was young I lived in West Los Angeles (Palms district).  I was a member of the Beverly Hills Young Democrats.  It wasn’t because I was a dedicated supporter.  The group was made up of singles and it was a great meeting place (women).  I actually met my wife at a Democratic Party BBQ.

Howard Berman and Henry Waxman were both in that group too.  That young democrat group provided the impetus for their political careers.  Frankly I did not like Berman because his goal from high school days was to become a politician.  My view then, and now, is that professional politicians do not really represent the people.  They represent themselves.  The downside of their profession is having to return to the public for re-election.

Is Brad Sherman any different than Howard Berman?  Probably not.  However, it appears he had some other goals in life before entering politics.

Reports in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angles Daily News and Roll Call at the Races today tell of the near physical fight between Howard Berman and Brad Sherman in a debate at Pierce College.

With Berman already standing, Sherman stood up and shouted into the microphone that Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) sponsored the bill. Berman stepped toward Sherman so they were nearly nose to nose and said Sherman was wrong.

Things bounced down this rocky path when Sherman took exception to Berman calling him a liar.

“Don’t you dare stand up here .. .and get in my face,” Sherman said. He then wrapped his arm around Berman’s shoulder, looked him in the eye and — still holding the microphone to his mouth — said: “You want to get into this? Get out of my face.”

I wish I had been there.


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