Posted by: coastcontact | October 11, 2012

Vice Presidential Debate

It was a Draw!

Vice President Joe Biden did what he does so well.  He was the attack dog.  Congressman Paul Ryan was the calmer deliberate speaker who adequately supported Mitt Romney.

The differences between the parties could not have been more stark.  Both men offered some inaccurate information and both offered some accurate info.

I suspect Joe Biden’s eye rolling and silly grins were all intentional and well practiced.  Even after giving a serious response to Raddatz or Ryan he returned to those big smiles and surprised facial expressions.

Martha Raddatz was an excellent moderator.  She wins the award for performing an outstanding job in a difficult situation.

For those of us who are undecided the decision is yet to be made. Too little time was spent on the job of creating jobs in America.  Biden skipped the topic and Ryan restated the Romney contention that their election will result in 12 million jobs being created in the next four years.  How exactly will that be done?  Biden or Raddatz should have asked Ryan that question.    

 My recent purchase was two beautifully tailored shirts that were made in China.  That is the country that also makes iPhones, Dell computers, and other more expensive high tech devices.

Perhaps the next debate will provide some further reason to vote for one of these candidates.



  1. I was left wondering if i watched the same debate. What i saw was ryan not once providing any real answers Not once did he offer any stats or proof of his plans. Did you not noice that the moderator asked 3 times for ryan to answer the questions and did you also miss when he was asked to describe himself and he answered about policy and the moderator asked biden if he would please answer the question( a pointed jab at ryan) Did you also miss his ‘mis statement’ of will cut the 20% of the wealthy first? I do think that biden was passionate, but he gave real figures and tried to answer the questions asked. When all is said and done, just what did ryan tell us about his own views, or how in the world they plan to cut 20% more in taxes and yet create all these jobs ( we are the true job creators, and giving the rich and corportions more tax help wont create jobs) and not cut vital services. Like i said, i am left wondering if i watched the same debate and my friend that was visiting also feels the same way. Obama for president and progressive democrat for every open seat across the country

  2. 503me sent this addtional commentary to me e-mail address.

    I have way too much time on my hands so have read all the budgets and jobs plans put forth for the last 2 years. There were so many good bills, that were fillibustered and not even allowed to be voted on in the house. Our country is doing better each month and we have not fallen like Europe has into another recession. The way to more jobs is get the ‘jobs bills’ signed and the ‘veterans jobs bill’ signed. Also we need so much to repair our crumbling infrastructure (one more bill that was fillibustered) which would create millions of jobs. Not everyone can take the time to read all the different bils and how each senator and representive votes, so i try to share what i learn. Lest you think otherwise, there is much about our president i don’t like, but the ‘poverty duo’ will be a disaster for our country Never forget when they say over and over they want to protect small business and middle class that their idea of middle class is 250thousand a year. For all that make under that amount will see about a 2000 tax increase whereas romney will see his tax rate go down to 0.85% and addleson will receive a 2 billion tax break for all his millions in donations. Because of all i have read, i am afraid of what will happen to our country if ‘corporate dollar’ is allowed to own our government Please vote and vote for progressive democrat across the board.

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