Posted by: coastcontact | October 4, 2012

California Death Penalty

The AP reported today, “A former Charles Manson follower imprisoned for 40 years in a double murder engineered by Manson won a recommendation of parole Thursday in his 27th appearance before a parole board panel.”

The man, Bruce Davis, convicted with Manson and another man in the killings of a musician and a stuntman is one of a group of the Manson family of mad dog killers.

He has been in prison since 1972 and is now 70 years old.  Had there been a death penalty in place that year he would have spent his life on California’s “death row.”  The chances are he would not have been put to death.  The last person was executed in 2006.  There are now over 700 people on California’s “death row.”

Proposition 34 in the November ballot “ Repeals death penalty as maximum punishment for persons found guilty of murder and replaces it with life imprisonment without possibility of parole.”  That is the wording of the State Attorney General in the official summary.

The summary goes on to say that the current costs associated with those sentenced to death amounts to $100 million a year.  It likely to rise to $130 million in the not too distant future.

My question is what are the chances that people like the Manson Family clan can receive recommendations for parole?

There was the madman who killed two teenage girls in San Diego County just a few years ago.  He admitted to the crime and to avoid a trial was sentenced to life without possibility of parole.  Really?

 If Bruce Davis can receive such a recommendation then why not Sirhan Sirhan?  Why not the Hillside Stranglers (Cousins Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi enjoyed killing Los Angeles women just for the thrill that they experienced during the process of torture and murder.) ?

It’s not your problem until it’s someone in your family!


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