Posted by: coastcontact | September 26, 2012

Why I believe Mitt Romney Will Win the Election

Are Americans stupid or just plain desperate?

I have never voted for a Republican for president.  I could not discern the differences between Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey in the first time I voted.  I was correct in saying there was little to differentiate the two.  Nixon imposed price controls on the economy and that was a decidedly Democratic Party kind of regulation.  Richard Nixon supported a national health care plan that the Democrats refused to support.

Now we have Mitt Romney promising to “create 12 million new jobs over the next four years.”  He won’t tell us how that will be done.  Without the details his words are meaningless.   However, Americans are desperate for a recovery so they will buy his promise.

Americans vote for the person who can offer us the promise we want to hear.  Proof? “Hope and Change” but no details enabled Barack Obama to win the election four years ago.

Despite the poll trends, I believe Romney will win. It will be mostly about those jobs and the economy. He won’t win CA, NY, IL or MA. He will win a majority in the battleground states.

The result will be that four years from now we will vote for the Democratic challenger.



  1. I hope you are wrong. In fact the polls coming out of the swing states are very much in Obama’s favor. That said, my worry is that they will steal the vote as they did with bush and gore. Our main hope lies in the fact that more and more people are waking up to the mess our country is in. I am reading a good book 99 to 1 by chuck collins that really explains well what has transpired in our country. One point that is made is the fact that this has happened before and we the people were what turned the tide. We all just got busy with surviving and didn’t notice that our government was being bought by corporate dollar. One of the other points is how much the ‘gilded age’ and subsequent depression resembles what has happened in the last 32 years to a tee. Its a good book and i would recomend to you.. Its up to all of us, the new media to get the word out and help educate as many as we can. The internet and ‘facebook’ has the ability to be a ‘game changer’ on a global scale. As always i enjoy your postings Peace

  2. You may have misunderstood me. I do not support Mitt Romney. His 47% remarks are burned into my mind. I do not have the figures in my hands but at some point both Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush thought they would be re-elected to office. The Democrats may feel good now but we have not heard from the GOP super-pacs. They will focus on the few swing states that usually define the results. We will see the onslaught in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida.

    Obama will take a serious beating from those super-pac advertisements. Romney was merciless in his attack on his opponents in the GOP primary race. Expect no less in the last 30 days.

    Sorry to write this but: Add those super-pac ads to the unemployment rate and you have a Romney win.

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