Posted by: coastcontact | September 24, 2012

Where is the American Vision?

The United States provided the motivation to build a trans-continental railroad system.  Then we went on to build the Panama Canal.  We built the U.S. highway system and then went on to build the interstate super highway system.  This is the nation that set the standards for acceptable aircraft safety design that became the standard for the world.  While that was going on we landed a man on the moon (more than once!).  It was American technology that created the computer age and higher productivity for everyone.

Then something happened.  We started fighting among ourselves about how the government should function.  We now argue about private matters relating to abortion, inter-marriage, and other personal behaviors that really are not the responsibility of government.

The president’s vision for America is providing a climate where everyone can succeed.  His opponent vision is “freedom.”  Are those visions for where the nation should go in the decade ahead?  They are not my idea of a “vision.”

I want a vision on the order of JFK’s putting a man on the moon.

The infrastructure on the United States is falling apart.  We are no longer the leading nation in education.  Unemployment is really about 15% of the adult population.  47 million people are on food stamps or other financial aid.  Trade unions are fighting over the remains of government and private enterprise as the middle class of America dissolves.

There is no evidence that either Obama or Romney have the skills to bring this nation together.  Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee,  appearing on This Week on ABC said the GOP Plan Has ‘Specifics Coming Out Of Our Eyeballs’ but the ideas are all about cutting the size of government. The details have never been spelled out.  There is no talk about a vision or a plan to re-build the nation. This feels like we are adrift.  This feels like a ship without a rudder.

How can these two men hold themselves out as worthwhile leaders?  When I vote on November 6, I will stamp the ballot with one hand while holding my nose with the other.


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