Posted by: coastcontact | September 16, 2012

Innocence of Muslims

“Innocence of Muslims” is the Muhammad movie by Sam Bacile (which is believed to be an alias for Nakoula Basseley, a Coptic Christian from Egypt) that caused Muslims to kill United   States ambassador, J Christopher Stevens. The anti Islamic video claim Islam is a lie and Mohammed was a pedophile.

The movie clip is a clumsy effort to identify Mohammed as a sadistic killer, a rapist and a plunderer. The use of this clip as a justification to attack American embassies is difficult to understand as the government of the USA has supported the Arab Spring. If Muslims believe that all non-Muslims must be killed than the message is communicated. Many Islamists must be happy to watch the unjustified attacks we have witnessed this past week.

My opinion is the United States should minimize its connections with an Arab world.  Another reason to end our reliance on Arab oil.


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