Posted by: coastcontact | September 8, 2012

Surface by Microsoft coming October 26

I can hardly wait!  As a dedicated PC user, I have been disappointed by the offerings of the primary PC manufacturers.

Apple’s iPad tablet computer is reported to hold 70% of market share.  None of the competitors have been able to come even close to making a dent in Apple’s dominance.  H-P has dropped out of the market entirely and Dell offers a tablet but I do not know anyone with the unit.

Thus the entry of the Surface by Microsoft might bring on even more sales and a significant migration from the laptop format.  To add extra spice it is rumored that a low cost 7 inch version may be offered at $199.  That could be the reason that Apple is reportedly introducing its own 7” iPad.

On our recent trip to Europe I did see a few people carrying tablet computers.  The really are too big to use as a camera.  However, for finding your way around New York, London, Paris, Rome, etc. they would be a great benefit.  Of course they will be an easy way to update your blog.


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