Posted by: coastcontact | September 6, 2012

No Sale at the Democratic Convention

Every national political convention is exciting.  I am certain that all those people who were at the Democratic Convention were thrilled to be there.  They are the group that will return home and spearhead the next 60 days of hard campaigning.

The Democrats do put on a far more emotional event than Republicans.  It probably has to do with the kinds of people, their culture, that makes Democrats.

Bill Clinton was the star speaker at this convention.  If there was ever a man who could win a third term as president of the United States, this is that person.  But, he is not the candidate.

Too many people are unhappy with the Obama administration for his re-election to be an easy path.  There was nothing I heard in his speech tonight that gives me hope that he can turn this nation’s economy around in the next four years.  Then again, there was nothing in the Romney speech that gives me that kind of hope.

A lack of specifics in the candidate’s plans leaves me sad and disappointed.  Unless there is some dramatic event before November 6, I will struggle to decide my choice before that date.



  1. You should see the movie 2016. It explains the built in from childhood world view that makes Obama a bad choice. I am concerned about what is happening to our civil rights and protections under this administration. Its redistribution of wealth tenor is antithetical to our history.It trampelling on Constitutional safeguards truly frightening.

  2. As a lifelong Democrat who loves President Barack Obama, I was inspired beyond belief by his stirring speech Thursday night to the DNC. He was eloquent, powerful, and moving. He brought me back to the hope and promise of 2008 and made me want four more years.

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