Posted by: coastcontact | September 5, 2012

Women as Chattel

Men reading this column.  Are you out of your F*#%$@g minds?

Many American Men are one step away from their Muslim Arabic brethren!

Oxford Street, London UK - notice women wearing burqa with face covering niqab

Oxford Street, London UK – notice women wearing burqa with face covering niqab

The world has been controlled by men.  In the past women were considered chattel (things owned other than real property (real estate).  Men decided every action and every behavior of the women in their lives.  Thus An all-male panel testifying before Congress on birth control.  The lingering behavior of an American congressional, all-male panel, that doesn’t include one doctor. When Democrats proposed women to be on the panel, they were told the women weren’t “qualified.”

On our journey to Europe we spent five nights in London.  Our stay there was at the Cumberland Hotel.  The hotel is a very short block from the Marble Arch and the Oxford Street shopping area.

To our surprise the hotel guests were at least 90% Muslim.  At least one quarter of the women were dressed in burqas with the face covering niqab.  For the most part the women on the lifts (elevators) looked at the floor during their ride to their rooms.

When we went to the London Eye the buying ticket line was a 30 minute wait.  My wife did not need to accompany me in the line and she found a seat while I waited in line.  Behind me were a couple from Saudi Arabia waiting to buy the tickets.  I spoke to the husband but the wife never uttered a word during that wait accept her whispered words to her husband.  We know the reason. Women are not to go unescorted anywhere and never speak to another man.

The women are treated like chattel in Arabic countries.  Most of us say that is terrible.  Many Americans say that is not part of our Western culture. However, some of us in the USA want to tell women how to care for their bodies.  How to behave. How to dress.  And most significantly decide under what conditions they can obtain an abortion.

Michael Hulshof-Schmidt’s WordPress blog tells of Lousiana’s “17th Century” attitude towards women of all ages.  Mitt Romney says that he is in agreement with Paul Ryan on abortion/conception laws.  Ryan would deny abortion under all circumstances and declare that an abortion is murder.

“Rick Santorum’s biggest financial backer — and in the world of big-money politics, this means this guy has bucks, which in the US means he has power — “joked” that women should use aspirin as birth control.”

What a great country!  Freedom for all – as long as you are a man!!


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