Posted by: coastcontact | September 2, 2012

London to Paris by Train

The ride to London’s St Pancras International Station was an easy 10 minute trip by coach (bus).  Once inside the railroad station we walked through a shopping mall that was as nice as any enclosed suburban mall in the United   States.  We were advised by the Trafalgar tour guide that the cost of food on the train was relatively high.  She suggested we buy a sandwich or wrap at the Marks and Spencer store (and we had thought M&S was merely a downtown department store).

My wife chose a wrap and I selected a sandwich.  Along with a bottle of water our next stop was the rail station security.  It was a replica of the security we had experienced at LAX.  Once passed through that check point we presented our passports to French customs for entry and then seated ourselves until the train was available for boarding.  It was all very modern with moving sidewalks and escalators to the boarding platform.  Union Station in Los   Angeles has a long was to go to catch up with this facility.

On the platform at London’s St Pancras International Station

On the platform at London’s St Pancras International Station

The 306 mile train trip took 2 ½ hours on their high speed train.  That included one stop in England.  Websites say the train travels at speeds up to 180 mph.  The train travels near that speed most of the way.  It is a remarkable experience.  There is nothing like this in the USA.

Leaders of the USA keep telling Americans that we are the extraordinary country but our visit to London and Paris tells a different story.


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