Posted by: coastcontact | July 22, 2012

The USA is not Alone in the Issue of Gun Violence

From the Toronto Star Newspaper web site.

Published on Wednesday July 18, 2012

On Monday night, Toronto was rocked by a tragic act of gun violence — two innocent bystanders murdered, many others injured. Importantly, this crime occurred in the wake of similar public incidents, including the recent Eaton Centre shooting.

These crimes have led to a number of seemingly contradictory statements by public officials. Police Chief Bill Blair, for example, called the Scarborough shooting unprecedented and the worst case of gun violence in North America. By contrast, Mayor Rob Ford stated that despite the recent spate of gun violence, Toronto remains the safest city in the world. Neither statement is true.

Read the rest of the article here.

We all remember the killing in Norway where a man is accused of killing 77 people in a bomb-and-gun rampage in Norway last summer said his actions were justified to save the country from multicultural forces.  Read the CNN report here.

“The National Rifle Association is America’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights. Since its inception in 1871.”  Those are the first words you see when Googling the organization’s name.  I am impressed with the usual first words out of someone’s mouth in defending their right to bare arms.  “It’s my second Amendment rights.” I am not impressed with the concept that everyone has the right to buy all the arms they want.

The killing at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado will be a milestone event.  Now crazy people will see that they can do their deeds at theaters and shopping centers without fear of retribution.

It would be a battle to amend their “rights.” Gerry Gray, a Canadian, posted this explanation of their limits to weapon access in his country.  His comments can be read at

I shouldn’t get involved because I live in Canada but look at us. Our gun laws are tightening at the whim of government. In Canada……….
You cannot get a carry permit for a handgun for the purpose of self defense.
It is against the law to have tasers or mace for self defense.
Handguns with 4 inch barrels and smaller are prohibited.
Certain calibers are prohibited. ===== .25 for example
Rifles or shotguns barrel length smaller than 18 inches are prohibited.
Automatics of any kind are prohibited.
A citizen cannot carry a handgun on the street. etc etc etc

I think USA is in real danger of going the same route as Australia, UK, Canada…..
Some interesting youtube for USA……..


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