Posted by: coastcontact | July 20, 2012

America’s Love of Guns

No one is concerned about the consequences of allowing everyone to own multiple weapons even those who are not fit psychologically, mentally, or physically to handle the responsibility.

It wasn’t too long ago that Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was the target of an attack by a deranged gunman.  Everyone remembers the tragedy at Columbine High   School in Littlerock, Colorado.  Now 71 people are killed or wounded by another madman.  Still no one says, “Enough.”  The American Bar Association posts on its website “The rate of death from firearms in the United States is eight times higher than that in its economic counterparts in other parts of the world.”  Bowing down to the Second Amendment and the NRA is an inexplicable behavior.

The Constitution was written in 1787.  What were the weapons of 1776 and still in use in 1787? Artillery and Gun boats??? Wrong!!! The historically correct answer is: Flintlock pistols and Flintlock Muskets.

There were no cars, no telephones and no railroads.  The industrial revolution was not even an idea.  So today in the 21st century we hold this document, the Constitution, as if it was handed down by Moses.  Unless you think the country will be the victim of a new king or a dictator what exactly is the purpose of the Second Amendment?  Precisely why would anyone need to own 2 Glock pistols, a semi-automatic rifle, a shot-gun and 6,000 rounds of ammunition?  Well, there might be a reason – you want to kill a theater full of people for no particular reason.



  1. Some interesting Blog comments from Canadians that were posted on DP Review’s Off Topic commentaries.

    In Canada……….
    You cannot get a carry permit for a handgun for the purpose of self defense.
    It is against the law to have tasers or mace for self defense.
    Handguns with 4 inch barrels and smaller are prohibited.
    Certain calibers are prohibited. ===== .25 for example
    Rifles or shotguns barrel length smaller than 18 inches are prohibited.
    Automatics of any kind are prohibited.
    A citizen cannot carry a handgun on the street. etc etc etc

    It is, however, interesting to note that our rate of gun crime is far, far lower than that of the USA, our rate of homicides in general is far, far lower than the USA, and our rate of mass killings such as what just happened in Colorado is much, much lower than that of the USA.
    There is some logic in not having guns all over the place in people’s hands. The guy in Colorado was, apparently, a law abiding, upstanding citizen, right up to the moment something in his head snapped and he went sideways.
    The bad guys will always find a way to get weapons, not having guns in the general population seems to keep the good people who snap for no apparent reason from doing really bad things on a spur of the moment.
    This is what the pro gun people don’t get.

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