Posted by: coastcontact | July 15, 2012

Presidential Campaign is Down and Dirty

This week has been a big win for Obama. What can we conclude? The Obama re-election team has managed to distract the news media.

Rather than talking about the state of the economy talk shows and others are talking about Romney’s management of Bain Capital and the fact that Romney has released only two years of his income taxes. If we aren’t talking about those things we are talking about Romney’s bank accounts in other countries. Vanity Fair ran an article on the Romney off shore accounts that was replicated in the Huffington Post and the NY Daily News.


To finish off the week CNN State of the Union, CBS Face the Nation, and NBC Meet the Press all started their programs with interviews focused on Mitt Romney.  Even Fox News Sunday found itself discussing the attacks on Romney. 

Adding insult to injury BusinessWeek’s latest edition offered this derogatory cover.

BusinessWeek cover 7-16-2012

BusinessWeek cover 7-16-2012


If Obama’s re-election team can keep up the distractions you just might not vote for Romney. Surveys seem to bear out the success of the Democrats. That leads to the conclusion that we will see more of the same.

Essentially the Obama campaign has made Romney’s life the issue rather than the Obama presidency. It’s what George W. Bush did to John Kerry.

This is a very sad situation for Americans. With no stated economic plan from either Romney or Obama, Americans will not be focused on the real issues that face the nation. It probably won’t matter because there is no evidence that either one has a plan. That may be because neither of the candidates wants to address the issues.



  1. got interested after reading this. thank you. such a good post.

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