Posted by: coastcontact | July 5, 2012

The Astonishing List of Products Made by One Company

I was casually looking at a Sunday paper a few weeks ago and was flipping through the coupon packages when I noticed a group with the cover page titled Procter and Gamble.

The list was astounding.  I realized that many of the items in my house are all made by the same company.  Just read the list.  This is not their complete list.  This is just the items in my house past and present.

Columns are not aligned.  It’s a problem for me.

Beauty & Grooming

Always                        Clairol Professional              CoverGirl      

Crest                            Head & Shoulders                 Herbal

Gillette                       Essences                                     Ivory

Nice ‘n Easy              Olay                                             Old  Spice

Oral-B                         Pantene                                     Scope 

Tampax                      Vidal Sassoon

Household Care

Ace                              Bounce                                   Bounty                       

Cascade                     Downy

Charmin                    Cheer                                      Comet

Duracell                     Febreze                                  

Mr. Clean                 

Pampers                    Pepto-Bismol                       Prilosec OTC

Swiffer                       Vicks                   


  1. nice post i like it a lot.

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