Posted by: coastcontact | July 2, 2012

Obama Care is the Wrong Plan

No doubt, health care for all Americans is a wonderful idea.

I oppose this law for one single reason.  There are no controls or limits on the cost of insurance.  The explanations I have read say that insurance companies can make reasonable rate increases to cover their costs.   What is “reasonable?”  It appears that costs will increase for three reasons.

1) 10 to 15 million people will be added to insurance company rolls without adequate payments to cover their enrollment.

2) Those excluded from insurance because of pre-existing conditions will be now be added to the plans.

3) Insurance companies will be permitted to earn 20% of the fees they charge.

Without a plan to control medical costs no plan can survive. 

Just today I received a plea from to sign a petition addressed to Blue Cross of Idaho. The insurance company refuses to pay the bill for the chemotherapy drug, Avastin.  It may prolong the life of a victim of stage four colon cancer for an additional three months.  According to the New York Times the cost will be about $8,300 per month.  It seems to be OK, in the minds of many people, for insurance companies to make these decisions but many people object to a government committee making the decisions. Why? What is the difference?

A better solution to this would have been a single payer system like Medicare.  The plan that has been adopted (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) is one that was proposed many years ago by Republicans.  It is the Massachusetts plan that was implemented by Mitt Romney.

Canada and most European nations seem to have addressed the issue of health care.  Care is available for everyone.  I am certain there are situations that their health care plans do not cover. Considering America is listed as the 41st in child mortality with the highest health care cost of any nation on Earth says we are doing a lousy job.  Quite shocking when we consider that the USA is the wealthiest nation on earth.



  1. there are definitely some more details to take into consideration, but thanks for giving this info.

  2. where do you take inspiration to write so good articles? congratulations.

    • I read two daily newspapers and three weekly magazines.

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