Posted by: coastcontact | June 28, 2012

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Surprises Everyone

ObamaCare Lives

John Roberts

John Roberts

How could Chief Justice John Roberts have voted with the liberal justices in favor of Obama care? Charles Krauthammer has written a piece for the National Review contending that the “Commerce Clause contained, constitutional principle of enumerated powers [has been] reaffirmed.”  “Law upheld, Supreme Court’s reputation for neutrality maintained.”  He suggests that Roberts was more concerned with the Court’s reputation than the outcome of this case.  I disagree.

George Will, also writing in the National Review offered similar analysis.

We may never know Roberts’ thinking.  Considering the far reaching consequences of his (Roberts) decision I cannot believe that he would not be more concerned with the impact this law will have on almost every American.

John Roberts said the law was legal under the right of the Federal government’s power to tax.  The Obama administration denied the penalty against the non-insured is a tax.  Roberts obviously had to search out his justification for voting in favor of the law.  It must have come as a great surprise in the White House when they heard Roberts’ reasoning.

One thing is obvious.  The media proved that even their smartest commentators could not conjure the outcome nor explain the logic of John Roberts.


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