Posted by: coastcontact | June 21, 2012

A New Frontier for Americans

Business Week June 11-17, 2012 offered a new consideration for everyone searching for employment.  Have you ever considered employment outside the United States?

Americans are most likely to look for work in their home country.  Even though you hear about many people traveling overseas, the number of Americans working elsewhere is relatively small.  Consider the fact that many people in other nations immigrate to the United States.  I know my father considered moving from Canada to England to obtain work in 1939 (near the end of the Great Depression).

Today the USA has a large population of Filipinos who still consider their home the Philippines.  Many Latin Americans still feel loyalty to their home country even though they have been in the United   States for years.  I base these statements on empirical evidence.  It’s the Filipino care givers and the Hispanics who fly their home country flags.

So where does Business Week suggest Americans move to obtain those jobs?


Why: Last year, Brazil became the world’s sixth largest economy. And according to a 2011 study by Manpower Group, 64 percent of employers there find vacancies hard to fill. Plus it may soon ease visa requirements.

Jobs: bankers, executives, hedge fund managers, lawyers, and engineers.


Why: Outsourcing has led to a burgeoning tech industry, which has in turn created pockets of econom­ic opportunity. The number of Americans moving is still small, so be first among your friends!

Jobs: tech, mostly. But there are also positions at English ­language newspapers and schools.


Why: The Chinese demand for ore spurred a mining boom in Australia.  Because of its isolation, the coun­try has an inflexible supply of workers, which means that out­siders are needed. The cost has been rising, but still beats theU.S.

Jobs: mining.


Why: With a healthy economy, no language bar­rier, lower corporate tax rates, and free health care, Canada is drawing more Americans than before (though still far fewer than during the draft-dodging heyday of the 1970s).

Jobs: whatever you’re currently doing.


Why: Exxon Mobil’s newly expanded access to the country’s off shore Arctic.

Jobs: oil.

You could think of these places as more of the pioneering spirit that induced so many Americans to travel to our own western frontier in the 1800s.



  1. thank you for a good posting. I found it interesting, because for the first time in my life, i have thought about the family moving out of the country. Canada would be my first thought,

  2. Yes, Canada would be my first choice too. That might be because I was born
    there and still have relatives there.

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