Posted by: coastcontact | June 9, 2012

Self Annihilation

We visited a Loew’s Home Improvement store to check their table lamp selection.  My wife’s idea.  She found precisely what she wanted.  The price for each lamp was $14.97 and included a light bulb.  The shades cost about the same price.  The lamps and shades are made in China.  It is an astonishingly low price.  I would have been willing to pay twice that amount.

Can you imagine the pay rate for those working in the factory that manufactures those lamps and shades?  Probably on the order of 50 cents an hour.  That is the pay rate in Mexico.

So we Americans buy low cost products manufactured in China and that makes us feel good.  Think about this.  Those lamps and shades were formerly made in the U.S.A.  We get bargains that put our neighbors out of work.

What is the American policy (or for that matter the policy in any other country) regarding the export of our jobs?

Personally I would gladly pay more for the lamps if I knew that Americans have the income that takes them off the unemployment rolls and welfare rolls.  Am I wrong?

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