Posted by: coastcontact | June 5, 2012

“The time for change has come.”

Those are Barack Obama’s words in a clip from a speech that Chris Matthews plays in the introduction to his weekend program on NBC.  As we all know there has been no change.  Grid lock has come since the GOP won control of the House of Representatives.

Guests on Matthews’ show this past Saturday all agreed that while the president is well liked the public has grown weary of the words that have not brought a renewed economy.  John Heilemann, one of the members of that panel said, “Mitt Romney is never going to be likable” but acknowledged that the public might overlook that likability to see the economy in a recovery mode.  No one on the panel disagreed.  This is a panel of well respected Obama supporters.

Just last night Bill Clinton was in a NYC fund raiser for Obama.  He pointed out that the austerity of Europe, that is Romney’s plan, has resulted in even higher unemployment than we are experiencing in the United States.  However, today’s win of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sent the message that Americans are not buying the Democratic Party arguments.

The argument that things could be worse just doesn’t cut it for most
Americans.  Desparate Americans want results.  Obama has not provided what Americans want.

A new president is on the horizon.  The race is Romney’s to lose.


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