Posted by: coastcontact | June 4, 2012

In Mexicali, a haven for broken lives

An article in the Los Angeles Times titled “A Heaven for broken lives” is really meant to stir my sympathy for people who have broken our immigration laws. The article details stories of deported Mexicans who entered the United States illegally and subsequently committed crimes.  The article was extended for an additional two pages and the print version included supporting photography.

The laws may be flawed but they are in place because a majority in the congress voted them into practice. The current administration has even tried to show empathy by not fully enforcing the law and only deporting those who commit crimes.

 The error in our law enforcement is that employers of illegal aliens are rarely punished. Rigorous enforcement of current laws would end this tragic situation. “Bleeding hearts” in America will use this article as proof of our misguided legal system.

I don’t blame those who try to sneak into the country. I would do the same thing if I was living in a poor Latin American country. I blame our government for not enforcing the law.



  1. i agree with you, and have not understood why the employers are not charged with a crime. Without the employers that hire illegal workers, there would be no problem. On the other hand a few states are finding their crops rotting because there is no one to pick them.

  2. The need for farm laborers can be addressed with laws that provide for alien transient farm workers. Congress’s refusal to address the issue is proof that politics are playing too big a part in our nation’s law making. Both political parties are to blame.

    None of this has anything to do with law breakers who entered the United States illegally.

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