Posted by: coastcontact | May 6, 2012

Barack Obama’s Failed Recovery

It seems the president’s likeability has remained high even though his success leading the country leaves a lot to be desired.  The number one issue facing him at his inauguration was the growing number of unemployed Americans.

It is accurate to say that the continuing increase in the number of unemployed has been stopped. The worst of the unemployment crises has passed.  However, the number of unemployed Americans has remained basically unchanged.  The apparent improved unemployment picture is the result of people giving up in searching for a job.  Those giving up aren’t counted.  It takes 150,000 new jobs a month to keep up with our growing population.  (The number of new jobs added in April was a horribly disappointing 115,000.)  Once you deduct that leveling number of 150,000 you see that real job growth has been small.

The one significant exception to this situation is the re-employment of people in the manufacture of automobiles.

Every country has something to sell to its own people and the rest of the world.  The United States has one major export, agricultural products.   Brazil has five. Oil, iron ore, soybeans, coffee, and steel. Brazil now holds 45% of the world’s steel production.

Meanwhile the U.S.A.has a $15 trillion economy but only has $1.5 trillion in exports.  Worse we import $2.4 trillion in goods.

Thanks to the ever growing number of free trade agreements most of the things we buy were manufactured in another country.  The auto industry and agricultural products are the only major industries that have not been entirely exported.  Here in Southern California Costco now has a variety of fruits and vegetables imported from Latin America.

Not only are there no plans to change this situation, but Obama has signed free trade agreements with Columbia and South Korea.

Retraining programs for the unemployed?  To do what?

You notice that Barack Obama never talks about the unemployed.  No wonder, his “hope and change” have brought hope there is enough food stamps to buy next week’s food and his change never happened at all unless adding to the federal debt is counted as change.

As bad a Mitt Romney may be is he as bad as four more years of Obama?  Isn’t it time for a change?  Democrats and independents hold your nose.


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