Posted by: coastcontact | April 15, 2012

The Tech impact has Just Begun

When my son had his car stolen, my daughter called to say she learned about it on his Facebook page.

No one doubts that technology has impacted our way of life. Computers, television have morphed into computers, cell phones have become smart phones, tablet computers are replacing lap top computers, and music is now downloaded rather than played on CDs or records (what are records?).

Despite all the new stuff, electronic retail has seen a continuous downward trend over the last few years.  First it was Circuit City that once was the largest chain of electronic stores in the nation and now Best Buy seems to be following with the closing of 50 stores by the end of this year.  Six (revised to 7)in California, six in Illinois, and the balance in Minnesota (revised to 17 states and Puerto Rico).

This really is the impact of technology.  Borders Books is gone and Barnes and Noble is barely hanging on.  All these businesses are impacted by the internet.  It’s the place I made two purchases this month from Amazon.  One was a new camera (tech product) and the other was sugar bowl (that is a blow to all retail).  Banking? On line.

What is the message?  Retail will never be the same.

What about jobs?  Many of us will be working from home.

Betty White may be correct when she said, “Facebook is a big waste of time.”  Just don’t tell the millions of people who use it as a primary means of communication.


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