Posted by: coastcontact | April 2, 2012

Canada is Not Part of the U.S.A.

Mexican Pres. Calderon, Obama, Canadian P.M. Harper at the White House          Mexican Pres. Calderon, Obama, Canadian P.M. Harper at the White House

Reported in the Toronto Star, “Ottawa has no choice but to aggressively pursue other export markets to safeguard Canada’s economy in case Keystone is rejected, PM says in Washington.”

Let’s be honest. The Keystone oil was not destined for consumption in the United States. The benefit to the USA is that there will be construction jobs for laying the pipeline, maintenance jobs for keeping the oil flowing without any leaks, and refinery jobs on the Gulf of Mexico.

The additional major benefit is that if there was an oil embargo the United States would have access to the supply.

Canada has the benefit of many natural resources. The Canadian government’s first interest is in the well being of its own people. As it should. Exporting their resources has enabled that country to thrive. For some reason Americans think that Canada owes its total existence to them and should respond to American wishes and desires at Canadian peril. Despite that belief, Canada is not part of the U.S.A.



  1. You are right, canada and mexico are both separate countries. The only thing i would like to add, is the keystone pipeline, would only offer a limited number of temporary jobs, and the environmental damage would not be worth it, the finished product is only for sale in asia. We need to stop all drilling, all fracking, all oil wells in the ocean, or we could end up like so many 3rd world countries, with our earth destroyed, and our quality of living, would be nil, and like all those 3rd world countries that have been exploited for the search and sale of fossil fuels, Wouldnt we all rather have our earth kept safe and be known for the country that researched and provided non fossel fuel for energy.

  2. […] sees an opportunity to obtain oil from North America.  Not in the United States, rather in Canada. Canada is Not Part of the U.S.A.  Canada has significant tar sands oil in Alberta and has wanted to ship their oil to Louisiana for […]

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