Posted by: coastcontact | March 23, 2012

The Failure of American Justice

Trayvon Martin was the victim of our unequal justice system. George Zimmerman pulled the trigger that killed that Black teenager. The New York Daily News reports, “His father, Robert Zimmerman, 64, said in a letter to the Orlando Sentinel that his son was Hispanic and grew up in a multiracial family.” This comment is immaterial. Zimmerman’s background does not give him the right to kill someone who is Black.

Let’s be honest. Non-Whites are treated as second class citizens. If that boy had been White, Zimmerman would have been arrested. Or was there someone else who pulled the trigger? Is he guilty of murder? A jury would have to make that decision. It is obvious the police failed to do their job.

It is a sad commentary on American justice when we do not enforce the laws equally for everyone.



  1. Either justice on Earth, or justice in Heaven. It’s coming!

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