Posted by: coastcontact | February 12, 2012

Whitney Huston and the Lack of Support

Bruce Springsteen starts the Grammy Awards with a song with the words “We take care of our own” but they didn’t!

Reports are now seeping out that Whitney Houston’s hotel room was littered with bottles of drugs and that she was found in the bathtub.  It’s a good bet the cause of death will be a drug overdose.  Our society does bare part of the blame.  The drug culture within the music business is a known factor.

Where were her friends?  Why didn’t any of them intervene? I know they will offer a variety of excuses.

I keep hearing about the “social network” like that will help an individual through difficult times.  This was a predictable outcome.



  1. I’m deeply sorry that such a voice and such an artistic talent vanishes in the lethal white dust of drugs…

  2. Best singer ever, enough said!

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