Posted by: coastcontact | June 14, 2011

The Aaron Spelling Mansion

The asking price was $150 Million in August 2009.  Reported sold today at a mere $85  Million. 

The home was featured in Los Angeles Times View Real Estate magazine on August 22, 2009. This is the description:

The crown jewel of one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Southern California, The Manor is recognized as one of the most famous mansions in the world. Built by entertainment royalty Candy and Aaron Spelling, the estate ­rests on approximately 4.7 acres of rare flat land in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles. Few, if any residences rival The Manor’s grand scale luxury and exclusivity. Originally named L’Oiseau (“wing of a bird”) for the unique W-shape of the French Chateau, The Manor blends visionary design, passionate attention to detail, and one-of-a-kind artistic touches to create a masterful opulence once only reserved for nobility. Every element of The Manor, from the immaculate gardens to sumptuous, custom-designed areas, reveals the intricate level of detail and extraordinary care applied to this estate throughout its historic existence.

Quite simply, The Manor cannot be matched in grandeur and scope. Forever forged in history, The Manor is truly designed for a modern day dynasty.   

Included is a picture of the front driveway, main entrance hall that looks like the staircase and paneled den in Aaron Spelling’s “Dynasty.”  The “Dynasty” house original is the Filoli House in Woodside, California.  That location is about 25 mile south of San Francisco near Palo Alto.  That house has served as the set for many Hollywood movies including Warren Beatty’s outdoor scenes in “Heaven Can Wait.”  That house is no longer a private estate and is open to the public.  I predict someday “The Manor” will be open to the public.



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