Posted by: coastcontact | May 3, 2011

Bin Laden’s Sea Burial is a Hoax

It hasn’t been two days since the killing of Osama bin Ladin and already the newspapers are reporting conspiracy theories about his death.  It seems that whenever anything consequential happens the theorists offer their own version.  There is even a conspiracy theory website. 

The above site starts with this introduction. 

“Everyone enjoys hearing about a good conspiracy theory and many people enjoy coming up with new ones. You can spend an incredible amount of time reading about theories and wondering if there is any truth to them. This list is the top 10 conspiracy theories.”

  1. 9/11 was Planned by the US Government
  2. UFO Recovered at Roswell
  3. John F. Kennedy’s Assasination
  4. Global Warming is a Fraud
  5. Princess Diana was Murdered by the Royal Family
  6. Jewish World Domination
  7. Apollo Moon Landing Hoax
  8. Pearl Harbor Was Allowed to Happen
  9. The Third Secret of Fatima
  10. The Philadelphia Experiment

Now add to this list the idea that Osama bin Ladin was not killed this past Sunday. Proof is the dumping of his body into the Arabian Sea. No one outside of those involved in the White House plot actually saw his remains. The reason for conducting this hoax is to put the search efforts to rest and improve President Obama’s re-election chances. The complete hoax theory was printed in the Los Angeles Times.


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