Posted by: coastcontact | December 11, 2010

It Seldom Rains in the Winter Time

My grass is greener in the winter thanks to Oregon Rye grass seed that I spread on the lawn every fall.  The hot summer sun usually turns the lawn to a pale green and spotty brown. 

From the Los Angeles Daily News today

It was beginning to look a lot like the holidays a couple of weeks ago when near-freezing mornings sent L.A. residents out in heavy coats to rake autumn leaves.

But in the latest twist in a year of weather surprises, the days turned warm again.

And now there’s this.

Temperatures in the area are expected to near 80 degrees today – before spiking into the mid-80s on Sunday, possibly beating Southern California’s record highs for mid-December.

“And it’s supposed to be Christmas,” sighed Hoshivah Wilson as he stood in short sleeves outside Walmart in West Hills on Friday, collecting donations for a local charity.

This weekend’s hot spell is likely to be brief, perhaps the last hurrah for fall, before winter arrives Dec. 21.

Annual average rain is about 16 inches in Los Angeles and it rarely rains from May to October.  Snow?  That is in the mountains.


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