Posted by: coastcontact | May 7, 2010

How to Defeat Democracy

2/3 Requirement Makes a Mockery of Majority Rules

The words of Thomas Jefferson: “The only way a republican government can function, and the only way a people’s voice can be expressed to affect a practicable control of government, is through a process in which decisions are made by the majority. This is not a perfect way of controlling government, but the alternatives–decisions made by a minority, or by one person–are even worse and are the source of great evil. To be just, majority decisions must be in the best interest of all the people, not just one faction.”

Despite repeated similar statements by Jefferson and other great American leaders we have continuing efforts to abridge the process by asking voters and assemblies to approve laws that require 67% or two thirds (2/3) vote to pass laws.  Proposition 16 on the June 2010 California ballot is another example of that kind of law.  Californians has voted that restriction into law repeatedly. The result is that one third of the population (or assembly) determines if the state will pass a budget or if a school district can sell bonds.  Or in other words the 2/3 vote Pacific Gas and Electric is proposing means that if  the Proposition is passed that it will then take a 2/3 majority to enable any municipality to create a publicly owned utility.

The U.S. Senate requirement of 60% to pass laws is equally abhorrent.


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