Posted by: coastcontact | October 19, 2008

Class Warfare

There is class warfare in America.  It’s the middle class versus the wealthy.  As I pointed out in my posting of July 29, 2008 socialism for the rich is OK if it is sponsored by the Republican Party and directed by the past CEO of Goldman Sachs.  As has been stated on many television shows discussing American wealth, 1% of the population owns 50% of our nation.  The CEO of Bank of America was discussing his company on 60 Minutes this evening.  It was pointed out that his annual salary is $25 million.


Mexico is a country where a few families own most of that nation. Carlos Slim and his family are reported to own or control 20% of the country.  When CNN’s John King asks if there should be a limit on any individual’s salary the answer is perhaps there ought to be some kind of cap.  Oops! Does this make me a communist?  No.  I just believe there needs to be controls or the United States will begin to look like Mexico.  



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  3. The ideals of socialism have never worked, and are failing world wide wherever it is attempted. Carlos Slim simply risked his monies whent he economy was down in the 90’s. the only reason why others did not invest and take their share, was a prohibitive and corrupt government- Unlike that of a free market capitalistic society like th American system that has established itself as the greatest opportunity for any person to achieve success and wealth

    How can you cap a companies CEO compensation when the capital to make that company succeed are invested by the owners and shareholdrs of that company? And where do “caps start and stop?

    There have been more millionaires created int he past 8 years than in the last 50 (excluding their primary homes. The limitations of someone starting a small business are not capitalism and “free” enterprise, howver they are the regulations imposed upon small business. Who ever siad that it is my obligation to pay a worthless employee, fired for incmpentancy, thieft and laziness, unempoyment? who ever dicated that it is the obligation of the government (the people ) and right of the people to to receive welfare?
    Under the tax redcution act of President Bush, income tot he treasury grew to more than 80% more than under Presidnet Clinton, and Pres Bush took over during a recession- The fact is that the more money the government brings in, the more they spend- Just look at the bail out package that included billions in earmarks – what constitution ever obligation the American people to fund the pet projects of our legislators? Term limits are a joke, another regulation to compensate for the apthy of hte lazy person who does not want to make the effort to learn oabout he candidate-
    Goldman Sachs is a highly profitabhle company that is not subsidized byt he government (American People) why should the Government be able to dicate how much the CEO makes?
    Henry Ford and other producers would only be absle to sell cars as longas they were in demand and as long as they paid their employees enough to keep their competion from hiring them – this is how the free market works- Socialism is having the government intervene and mandate personal opinion onto the people-Socialism in every form has always failed and always will – it is human nature that people will do just enough to get by- without incentive to put out more product, the people with become slothful jsut as is occuring is socialist economies like Sweden and Denmark and Saudi Arabia-

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