Posted by: coastcontact | November 14, 2007

We Really Want Your Illegal Aliens

Yes it is true, we really want your poor and down trodden population here in the USA.  However, there is little chance we will recognize their rights to live here any time soon.  We won’t force them to return to your country but we won’t give them any legal status.  That means we will not issue them a license to operate a car nor any other legal identification. 

Basically we need those people to take the menial jobs that even our teenage children won’t do.  You know the jobs I am referring to like cutting lawns, taking care of our elderly parents, watching our children, washing our cars, and other boring and disgusting jobs.  After all those jobs only pay minimum wage or a few dollars above minimum wage.

You may wonder how I know this is true.  Just listen to our candidates for president and our congress.  The best example most recently is Hillary Clinton who now opposes giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.   She decided on that view after realizing that a majority of Americans oppose the idea.  She does not advocate forcing illegal aliens to return to their home countries.

 Mrs. Clinton is not alone in this view.  The predicament is that issuing any legal documents for any purpose to illegal aliens seems to be tantamount to granting amnesty for many politicians.  Many people do not want to grant amnesty to those here illegally and as a result we have reached a stand off that puts those poor immigrants in a limbo that creates a two level economy.  I suggest that we are creating a sub-culture that could rise up against our laws and cause considerably more harm than we are prepared to face.  There could be an American version of an Intifada.

How many of us are prepared for an uprising of the down trodden?  


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